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Indonesian “Y Generation”

“Y Generation or millenial generation” is one of the Important topics which is discussed by many people including mass media mainstreams in Indonesia. Actually, this term refer to young generationswho was born from 1980 to 1999 or right now they are 17 – 36 years old in which they have big opportunity to be productive people determining change in society. They are decicion makers contributing to arrange the great accomplishment for Indonesia.In spite of potential people, not all Y generations can show the positive achievement to society but several of them can become part of social problems. For Instance, several weeks ago, one of regents in Indonesia,  was arrested by national narcotic agency (BNN) because of using drugs. He is part of Y generation who approximately is 27 years old.

At least, there are three factors influencing Indonesian Y generationsin the years to come. These are television, friend and book.

Modern era, Human is depended on technology in which one of these technologies is television. Television is the big teacher for human because during day most of people waste their time to watch it.Much information is provided including bad news which affect our mind and culture. In reality, Most of Indonesian televison programes just provide less education value and destroy our local wisdom system.If our mind is always given negative things, Indonesian generation will be the bad generation.

Who is your friend? Your friends have great influence becausethey will determine your attitude and behavioral. Your friends are one of the mediums to get information because you will perpetrate social interaction, share ideas or expererinces and learn about something. The real condition of social interaction is concerning, for instance many young generationscommit free sex, consume drug or drink alcohol. These bad behaviors can reflect Indonesian future.There is proverb: “If you want to see the person’s characteristic, you can see his friends”. 

How about the desire of reading of Indonesian? The fact, It is still less than other countries. You read not only books but also all things such article on internet, newspaper or everything will improve your knowledge and skill. You can understand something and solve it if you have knowledge about it. On the other hand, there are many Indonesian problems while our generations are lack of spirit of reading. It’s problem.

Nowadays, Indonesian government is planning how preparing so that Y Generations have maximal ability to face future due to the fact that in globalisation evey country will compete one other. We will enter in many sectors to make the positive contribution. We will be teachers or lecturers who produce the good educational system and smart people, nurses who treat patients so thatthey will be health, directors who lead their company so they build Indonesian economy, politicians who create theuseful policies for Indonesia and so on. Personally, seeing Indonesian condition, such as three factors above (condition of television, friends/environment and spirit of reading), sometimes make us pessimistic about our country. Will Indonesian Y Generations create positive contributions? 

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~Makassar, March 30 2016

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