Rabu, 13 Februari 2019

Making Online Mass Media

 Finally, I decided to make an online news portal. At the time, I thought that I need mass media for addressing much news based on my view. Indeed, I also aim to business interest because it cannot deny that mass media can exist with help of money, even the soul of mass media is money.

Online mass media is important amid the development of technology especially the internet. Most of the people across the world are with the internet or connected their activities to the internet. Getting information is one of the daily life agenda, even despite not asking for getting it, the news will come automatically with many social media we use.

The increasing number of internet user should be utilized for running our agenda. As we know, online media is part of the tool to promote and create public opinions. Moreover, seekers of information nowadays use smartphone rather than watch television and read newspaper. Being easy and simple is the main reason to replace the two facilities in looking for much information. 

Another reason is that I want make my own business without relying on people or journalist company where I have been working. Being an employee with many strict regulations is not able to give me enough time to do other my own agendas. Also, further, with my online media, I want to continue my role in contributing for my religion (Islam) teaching for spreading out humanity and teaching people for running their own life in God corridor.

There is no certainty but the certainty is change. It is a common sentence. What I am doing with my online mass media remain unclear for future whether it will run in my expectation. I am always optimistic with my doing now because I believe Allah blessing me. I always try to make my intention only focusing on what Allah wants, despite being difficult. Yet, I always ask Allah for helping to do it and all my life. I believe that what I am doing in term of online mass media will be great in the future. Allah will help me. Aamin.  

~Makassar, 13 February 2019

Sabtu, 02 Februari 2019

Attending a seminar of Import

Do you know about import? I mean how to import stuff with many requirements. Several days ago, I joined in the seminar of import conducted by a company for serving people to import something. I attended the seminar to know deeply what import is. All the time, I consider that import is complicated doing for those who want to build a business. And until the end of the seminar, my thought about import is still complicated. Haha... let’s see.

With modern business system nowadays with many technologies especially internet, people are able to buy something in different method, not traditional way in which between seller and buyer should meet directly. Yet, the transaction of both has been changing drastically. The Internet has been facilitating people for making trade easier, without meeting directly in the real world. For instance, I believe most Indonesians have known the online shop. For those who want to buy any good will use that platform. Also, sellers will post their stuff on the platform. And all transaction of trade will happen with help of internet and others technology. 

Such the technologies, I think why do we import commodities thorough online shop? This was my question before going to the seminar. I am a beginner of knowing the import in detail. But what I thought (my previous question) has little truth. According to the speaker in the seminar, the Indonesian government has regulation about the minimum prices of import commodities, but I forget the price. 

If the price of the commodity is suitable with minimum price or more, the government will apply some conditions for the commodity before coming to Indonesia like how many taxes we have to pay. Meanwhile, buying the commodity under the minimum price is considered by the government, not as the business good but the private interest. For instance, buying a book with low price will be easier because of not needing a tax for entering Indonesia like when we buy any stuff commonly in online shops in Indonesia. So many goods we can find in international online shop are uploaded by sellers.

To be honest, I do not understand comprehensively what the speaker explained in the seminar because of many new things addressed with new terms. To know it, as the beginner, I need to learn more and the most effective way is to engage in import activity. Therefore, the company holding the seminar encouraged us to be a member of the company in term of using its company service for doing the import. 

Actually, we can buy our own goods from other countries (import) but it will be difficult with many conditions made by Indonesian’s government. Like such the speaker saying, we should provide much money to pay for all documents and others including building a company, perhaps more than Rp 20 million. For the really serious businesses, the price is not problems and moreover, the businesses with big scale do not consider it as a problem. Yet, the problem will come to people with low economy like me, haha, considering the money is expensive.

I am grateful for joining the seminar although I have not imported any good yet. But, I got new knowledge. I believe that learning about the new thing will be useful for us. Maybe now I have not implemented the knowledge but it is possible in the future. 

 ~Makassar, 2 February 2019

Kamis, 31 Januari 2019

2019’s Flood in Makassar

Flood engulfed victims in Makassar. After raining happen during two days along with raising water of earth, a flood cannot be avoided. Actually, the flood had repeatedly come with various levels. 

Yet, this year level of the flood is higher than last year. I have no idea why it could be going worst. Indeed, many people see it in different views like using Islamic perspective that the flood is a warning of the God for many sins we had done, considering died ancestor is mad with human and putting science view to explain the flood. Among the reasons have supporters in society, even they usually discuss as well as lambast other to defend their stand. It is ok because it is a common thing in society in responding difference thing.

As a journalist, I try to see the problem in critical thinking. After identifying what the problem is, I gain the conclusion that the flood is caused by two factors: Human’s bad behavior and government policy. 

First, human’ bad behavior in term of throwing rubbish has been done by people. As the result, the trash is spread out to drain which challenge water movement for getting the final destination like a river. We are able to see easily in many drains including in front of my dormitory where tenants are not concerned with the bad impact of throwing the rubbish in not proper places. 

Sometimes I feel queasy with that terrible habit. Moreover, most of the people who stay in my dormitory and around it are students of the university who suppose to show their more concern for keeping and raising environmental issues amid climate change. 

Second, government policy for permitting investors to expand their business with no environmental consideration is a serious problem. Capitalism ideology applied by government benefit investor for taking high profit of their business abandoning what we called “green concept of development”. For example, the flood which happened in near my dormitory was because of government policy in supporting property business.

Meanwhile, the location for the property is the place for absorbing water when the rain comes. That consideration was not put by the government in his concept before legitimating the property development. It is inevitable that the flood was getting bigger.

~Makassar, 31 January 2019

Selasa, 22 Januari 2019

Being A Journalist

Being journalist is a way to implement my passion in writing. Recent days, I try to be a journalist in one of online mass media in Makassar. Assigned to run my duty in Makassar house representative, I almost every day look for news in regard to politics.

My first experience to gain data in this place is when a legislator held a press conference about the upcoming succession of Makassar’s mayor. Actually, writing news is not new for me. Being a freelance writer for some years, I have been getting work in a range of writing types like writing a book and writing news with some styles.

Working as the journalist was started with an intention to help my friend in developing his news portal. Shortly, I am helping him to build his business which has no enough resource. I get no salary for that because that has not been income.

But I get benefit of what I am doing. By being a journalist with an assignment in Makassar parliamentarian, I am able to know real experience in term of political dynamic which is rarely got in campus. Seeing what happened with politicians and politics, the theory of political science will be tested with political reality. It is a common thing that between the portrayal of reality and political concept which is taught by a lecturer or explained by books sometimes are incompatible.

It can be noted that theories of social science studies are not the exact truth for a long time. There are many concepts which change based on social and political change. Therefore, those who always engage directly in social and political reality will have more and updated insight, even with their observations, a new theory will be created and eliminate the old theory. 

I also fell happy with this work because I am a person who does not like to do something with rigid regulation. What I am doing now gives me more freedom and more dynamic experience. I can meet various people with different characters that I can get a lesson from them. I believe that by interacting with people, my knowledge about life unconsciously rises.

Frequent discussion at least hanging out with others is a method of learning. Research also explains that the benefit of interacting or socialization with people is able to reduce stress people get. The reason is when people meet one another, they will share their problem and automatically the problem will decline.

I cannot deny that my work and other works always have challenges. Yet, I will not tell you about the obstacle in this article. The thing to know that problems (challenges) will run with people who are fighting on a goal. My other work is to enjoy what I have been doing. I have no idea how long I will run in the journalist.

However, such the work is business in mass media although it has no financial profit yet. Yet, it is the general reality for whoever who want to build the business. Sacrifices of doing the entrepreneur are the first step before moving to other steps. There is no successful business and all agendas without hard efforts to gain them.

~Makassar, 22 January 2019

Selasa, 15 Januari 2019

Happy Birth Day for Me

Days ago, I should, according to many people, celebrate my birth day. 12 January is the date of my birth. For those who want commemorate this special moment consider that the day is great moment to thanks to the God over his blessing for them opportunity to born in the world.

Ways to conduct it are various and depended on how people put meaning on it. For instance, they try to celebrate by holding party by inviting their lovely family and friends for joint celebration. Yet, for me, I consider that day is not necessary to make it with a party. I just see it as the special day moment to evaluate all my roles in all my life.

When my friends knowing my birth day encounter with me, they tend to force me to make something special in implementing my gratitude to the God as until now, Allah is not bored to bless me with many his mercies. Yet, I ignore their suggestion. 

The important thing to do in this moment is how to arrange my life plan and finally how to gain my goal, at least to reach my resolution in 2019. All human being in the world have purpose to be fought in battle of life with its many challenges. The obstacles sometimes make people discouraged for getting what they want. Yet, this moment is reflection of what all experiences I got. 

People perhaps have hopes which are made at such the beautiful moment. But for me, “the most important hope is change of my life being better than before”. I want to underline the previous statement as principle of my resolutions I should pursue. In short, Rasulullah Muhammad SAW said to human that what human does must be better than what they did in previous time. 

I hope that this moment is very valuable time to evaluate myself. Without correcting and looking into myself, life will lead to problem because we are human being who exactly ever did the wrongdoings.

~Makassar, 15 January 2019