Rabu, 09 Januari 2019

Opening of my writings in 2019


Today I start to write on my blog after for a long time I did not fill it with articles. Writing or activating this blog is one of my resolutions in this year which actually was also my resolution in previous year: 2018. Yet, with repeatedly unneeded reasons, I was not able to implement the resolution. It is my problem.

This year I am trying to make a commitment with myself for writing on this blog. I also try to write in English in order to enhance my English writing skill as in days to come, this skill will be useful not only in the workplace but also especially in academic. Moreover, my plan is to pursue my master degree in abroad (Aamin Ya Allah) where English is an international language mostly used at studying process and also automatically as main requirement for being a student in abroad universities. I will also look for fully funded scholarship whose requirement is English ability.

With such the reasons, I wish you can let me use English in producing my article with no perfect grammar and inappropriate vocabulary. But I am studying and will try to make it perfect. For you who know about grammar as well as whatever about English writing, I hope that you can correct and suggest me for making my writing great again. haha. (Donald Trump said: Make America great again. hahaha).  

I have no specific topic for this article. This is only an opening of my writings this year. Like I said implicitly before that commitment (Istiqomah) is a very crucial thing and also a my problem I try to solve. And actually, it is the main problem of struggle for everyone, not the only for me. Thus, Rasulullah Muhammad SAW had said: “Allah likes what you do continually or routine activity although it is little”. My high expectation is to be an “Istiqomah Person” for all kindnesses, especially regarding our discussion that I am able to write consistently and routinely on this blog.

The topic of my future articles is depended on inspiration and what something I want to write. I do not restrict myself with any genre because creativity will not come with a rigid environment. By reading my articles, I can notice that this blog contains kinds of the article with various writing style. So make it easy and enjoy so that my thinking will be more creative to think and then bring it on this blog.

Perhaps, in another situation, I will combine my articles in “Bahasa Indonesia” on this blog. As a Muslim, I believe that working in all fields should engage Allah in order to get easier. Allah controls all things in the universe including our ability to write and to continue to write. There has been much human being doing their work by abandoning Allah, while Allah is the greatest decision maker over all things. Allah blesses me and us. Aamin.

~Makassar, 9 Januari 2019

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