Making Online Mass Media

 Finally, I decided to make an online news portal. At the time, I thought that I need mass media for addressing much news based on my view. Indeed, I also aim to business interest because it cannot deny that mass media can exist with help of money, even the soul of mass media is money.

Online mass media is important amid the development of technology especially the internet. Most of the people across the world are with the internet or connected their activities to the internet. Getting information is one of the daily life agenda, even despite not asking for getting it, the news will come automatically with many social media we use.

The increasing number of internet user should be utilized for running our agenda. As we know, online media is part of the tool to promote and create public opinions. Moreover, seekers of information nowadays use smartphone rather than watch television and read newspaper. Being easy and simple is the main reason to replace the two facilities in looking for much information. 

Another reason is that I want make my own business without relying on people or journalist company where I have been working. Being an employee with many strict regulations is not able to give me enough time to do other my own agendas. Also, further, with my online media, I want to continue my role in contributing for my religion (Islam) teaching for spreading out humanity and teaching people for running their own life in God corridor.

There is no certainty but the certainty is change. It is a common sentence. What I am doing with my online mass media remain unclear for future whether it will run in my expectation. I am always optimistic with my doing now because I believe Allah blessing me. I always try to make my intention only focusing on what Allah wants, despite being difficult. Yet, I always ask Allah for helping to do it and all my life. I believe that what I am doing in term of online mass media will be great in the future. Allah will help me. Aamin.  

~Makassar, 13 February 2019


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