Selasa, 15 September 2015

Phenomenon of Asylum seeker

One of the problems which is faced the international society is refugees in which they move from one country to the other comfortable countries to live in there. They are called “asylum seeker”. Many ways are done by them to discover their destination, neither legal nor illegal. The Legal way, the people apply the international procedure law but many people utilize the illegal procedure because it is easy, although they must cross ocean causing death.

Actually, phenomenon of Asylum seeker is occured not only in this era but also since long time ago in which the world had told about how the people must leave from their hometown to look for the others place. For instance, We often listen about history of American in which they came from England because of discrimination problems and then they built the United State Of America. European people migrated to Australia to live in there or Israelian people went to Palestine who finally, they colonized the native people in there. But nowadays the Asylum seekers do not come from European or ‘west’, the people come from other regions like middle east, several African countries, Rohingya people from Myanmar, etc.  

Several time ago, Indonesia was shocked by rohingya community from Myanmar who entered in Indonesian sea or asylum seekers transit in several Indonesian’s cities including Makassar city to find the good countries receiving them. In several middle east countries, there are many refugees who come from the other middle countries else which are waring or there are social instabilities. Also, In Europe, they are troubled by arrival refugees from middle east region.

There is reason why this case (asylum seeker, red) is happened. The main problem is because they do not achieve the proper life in their country. There are many causes why they choose to leave their country to get the other countries such as their country is chaos (battle), problem of economy creates difficult life, there is colonialism and so on. As we know, nowadays in Middle east, several countries are happened social and political instability because their society war each other or ‘outsiders’ intervened this region. Poverty also become the seriously problem so they to be asylum seekers.

This must become responsibility every side or all international communities. Every country has obligation to solve this problem including Indonesia because Indonesian’s constitution explains how Indonesia should maintain human values and is involved to create peaceful world moreover most of refugees are muslim where in islam, the followers of muslim should help one another. In international life, We have United Nation (UN) which avail to keep peace of world but it is not maximal to run its function, even The UN tends to do not care with this problem.

In International relations, not only state perpetrating international interaction but also the non-state actors such as non government organizations (NGO), Society organizations, Companies and else. They can be invited to cooperate together to identify problem and produce solution so that this can be finished soon.

In summary, Phenomenon of Asylum seeker is the international problem needing involvement of all sides in International. All sides must cooperate one another to decrease even reduce this trouble so all world’s citizens can live comfortably in their countries. All sides must waive whatever interest except human interest.

~Makassar, 02:09, September 15, 2015

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